Design and supply family bathroom, 2 ensuite bathrooms and cloakroom.

I have been a specialist installer for over 40 years and have been working with City Bathrooms for about ten years (I’m like a member of the family now) as my sole supplier of bathrooms equipment, we have worked on dozens of luxury projects all over London and the South East. So when it came to doing my own bathroom at home, there was only one place I would go.

Usually when doing a bathroom for a client I would leave most of the heavy lifting regarding design to the sales team but for this project I had very high expectations and a clear vision. I tasked the team to get me what I needed and as usual they delivered. The one thing I will never need to worry about is the quality of the products they sell. They deal with the best brands.

Probably the most important reason I keep going back is the back up. If something goes wrong, which does happen sometimes in this line of work, they move heaven and earth to sort it out. They have immense experience and knowledge in their ranks.

Highly recommended.